DUnedin's BOUTIQUE antipasto boxes delivered straight to your door



At Stem we strive to leave a big impact on you and virtually none on the environment. Your boxes are recyclable and the jars and bottles will be collected and reused. 
Our focus is on quality, locally sourced produce.
Each box contains:
A selection of local cheeses
A selection of local meats
Housemade pate with Bostock organic chicken livers 
Housemade sesame lavosh
Two seasonal housemade preserves 

THE antipasto box

comes in various different sizes, whether you want to feed 5 or 100

The Small box

feeds up to 5ppl $88

The Medium Box

feeds up to 10ppl $163

The Large box

feeds up to 20ppl $312

For larger orders, email info@stemfinefoods.co.nz 
or call 0226521335


full circle

Local producers

There are so many wonderful producers in New Zealand, especially here in the Otago region. So we choose the freshest seasonal produce and save on packaging by using reusable containers to collect our ingredients.


Stem Fine Foods reduces waste by composting all food scraps, using silicone mats instead of baking paper, and storing our food in reusable containers instead of using cling wrap. This keeps both our overall costs and environmental impact down.

Service of food

Our boxes are recyclable, inside packaging compostable, and we collect the jars and bottles to reuse. You get to enjoy the meal without damaging the earth along the way.


Clean up, compost, repeat

Stem ensure that no disposable cloths are used for clean up. We buy quality materials which can be washed and reused. We also compost food waste back onto the veggie patch completing the cycle.

or call: 0226521335

Stem,  Artisan antipasto boxes delivered straight to your door. We can tailor a box specifically to your event, but note we only use the freshest, most seasonal produce so some ingredients will not be available all year round.